Intern, Marketing Data Analysis

Location: South Plainfield, New Jersey, United States of America

Intern Project Responsibilities:

  • Market data analysis, visualization, and reporting.
  • Customer data analysis and modeling, such as customer retention metrics.
  • Design, create and maintain dashboards for regular use by product marketing team.
  • Assist in upkeep and updating of reports used by upper management.
  • KPIs tracking for marketing efforts.
  • Customer survey implementation, result analysis and reporting.

Intern Key Deliverables:

Marketing Data Analysis Intern will have an opportunity to

improve Marketing Resource Allocation Effectiveness and Customer Satisfaction

Exciting opportunity for the Marketing Data Analysis Intern to support to the following Corporate/Team objectives and projects: Analyze KPI improvement for marketing tactics; Assist in driving marketing decisions for spending and resource concentration based on reporting metrics; Assist with real-time business decisions based on reporting metrics.

How will we measure project performance/impact?

Analyze data and publish the reports on a monthly/quarterly basis

Produce ad hoc reports when requested by management.

Process and reporting improvements and updates.

Speed and usability of reported data to drive business decisions.

Preferred Degree Programs/Skills/Unique Capabilities:

Bachelor/Master’s Degree in Marketing Analytics, Data Science, Marketing Research or Marketing

Self-motivated and results-oriented.

Keen attention to details.

Be able to work independently and manage multiple tasks.

Software skill: Python, Excel